Jen PicJen Kelly

Founder of Mayan Treasure.  I purchase the strings, stones and beads from Antigua, teach the women how to make macramé jewelry, sell the jewelry, and give the women their earnings!

In my free time I like to bike, hike, and play in the ocean with my family. I enjoy putting ASL to music (used to be an interpreter for the deaf). I’m really into raw/vegan eating, doTERRA essential oils, and I enjoy growing a garden full of herbs and greens, which is so easy to do in Guatemala all year round! I also love to travel and see new places, and experience new cultures. Basically, life is so rich, beautiful, and abundantly fun!  There’s so many good things and experiences to pack in during our short time here on earth. I love my life!!



Em Pic Emily Kelly

I help teach the women how to make jewelry.  During photo shoots I make funny faces to try and make the women smile and laugh for their pictures! I also do product quality checks and help with shipping.

 My interests and hobbies include: Animals, Horseback riding, being outdoors, surfing, swimming, singing, learning other languages, and playing the ukulele!





Dad Pic

Colin Kelly

I am the main videographer for this site. I am also involved in other support roles, especially on the technology side.

I enjoy cycling, traveling, driving, volleyball, photography, and walking on the beach with my beautiful wife.




Calvin Pic

Calvin Kelly

I am the website developer and photographer. I also help with translating and quality checks.

My hobbies and interests include: paragliding, surfing, photography, traveling, studying, playing the ukulele, and experiencing new cultures to learn how other people live. I also love hiking, biking, and scuba diving. 



Dev Pic

Devon Kelly

I help out with the final product inspection and shipping. 

I enjoy traveling and exploring, studying, wood and bone carving,  inventing, chemistry, legal graffiti, trying new foods, and singing.


Tyrese, Tiffany and Tameeka Kellytrips pic

Sometimes the women who make jewelry bring their kids over with them, so we play with them!

I am Tyrese! I like to look at books, play outside, swim, play in the sand at the beach, jump on the trampoline, eat, hike, and cook.

I am Tameeka! I like to dance, sing, play with dolls, play outside, go to the beach, draw pictures, and paint.

 I am Tiffany! I like to go to ballet class, play with legos, go to the beach, play with my stuffed animals, color, and draw!



gabriella picGabriella Strama

“Inspire, create, transcend…”  Making jewelry is my meditation and sharing this art with anyone means spreading this light to others.  I have shared this expression with Jen, and she has spread this light to the women in Mayan Treasure.  I also directly connect with and teach the ladies the art when I am living on Lake Atitlan at our Mystical Yoga Farm.



 Lucy Jensengregnlucy

I help teach the women how to make the bracelets and help purchase, distribute the materials, and give them their earnings when needed.

 I have 4 boys (so it’s fun to make jewelry with the ladies and have my “girl” fix). My husband and I run a humanitarian project in Guatemala and spend a lot of time developing that. I enjoy reading, sewing and am currently learning how to play the piano and the ukelele. I love being outdoors, hiking in the mountains or relaxing on the beach, especially with my kids and husband.